Raider for a Day: Middle School Students get the High School Experience this October


Melody Scott, junior, is working with her middle school students during fifth period.

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Many middle school students throughout Forsyth County will have the opportunity to take  on North’s halls for Raider for a Day. Raider for a Day is a program where eighth graders shadow high school students  to experience a day in the life at North Forsyth. The students follow an upperclassman from third to fifth period. During the month of October, there will be a total of five days designated to Raider for a Day. 


Tuesday Oct. 8 – North Forsyth

Friday Oct. 11- Little Mill

Tuesday Oct. 15-Little Mill

Friday Oct. 22-North Forsyth

Tuesday Oct. 29- Liberty


This opportunity is one of the few occasions where middle school students can get a feel for the reality of high school. North Forsyth Middle School Student Addison Peck said that Raider for a Day was “going to prepare [her] for high school.” Throughout the school day, students get to experience core classes, lunch, pathway classes and more. The eighth grade students get to choose what pathway they would like to see at North. 


A few of the lunchroom tables are reserved for the eighth graders and  are decorated in North Forsyth themed balloons to let North students know not to take their seats. 


For many students, the transition from middle school to high school can be a stressful experience. Raider for a Day helps the upcoming freshmen become more comfortable in their future school building. Freshman Maddox Brock and her middle school student got to do a scavenger hunt as an activity together The two of them got to chat and get to know each other .


North Forsyth, Little Mill, and Liberty Middle Schools are attending North High this October. They will be walking the halls, eating lunch and will be a guest at classes with all the other high school students here. The Raider for a Day program helps students with the big shift from middle school to high school.