North’s JV Team Defeats West 28-7


The Raiders played against West’s Wolverines on Oct. 10, and won another victory for North Forsyth High School.

The North Forsyth High School JV football team dominated in their game against West Forsyth on Oct. 10 with a final score of 28-7. North was in the lead for the whole game, scoring both the first and last touchdowns, and the team will now move forward to play in the sub varsity cross over championships.

About seven minutes into the game, #10 Hayden Paine, a freshman, ran the ball all the way to score a touchdown a touchdown from the 10 yard line.. Another point was scored with a kick, putting The Raiders ahead with a score of 7-0 with two minutes left in the first quarter.

During the second quarter, freshman Alexis Monroe, scored the second touchdown for North, and our team scored the extra point. With 6:45 remaining in the second quarter, North was up 14-0.

However, the Wolverines scored with 3:34 left in the quarter, and the kicker scored the extra point. This gained West 7 points, and it seemed possible that they could pull ahead. At half-time, the score was 14-7, and no one else had scored in the time remaining.

During the 3rd quarter, both teams played hard, but neither gained any points, keeping North Touchdown ahead. The people in the stands were cheering for both teams, and the game seemed to be able to turn in favor of either of them. 

In the final quarter of the game, the Raiders scored yet another touchdown and kicked an extra point, pushing them forward to a score of 21-7. 

Shortly after, #1 from the Wolverines ran the ball nearly 40 yards across the field, and would have scored for West, had they not been flagged for holding.

The final touchdown of the game was scored by North with three minutes left in the game, leaving the final score of the game at 28-7.