North Forsyth Boys Varsity Basketball Team Beats Cass 51-45


Bennett Helms shoots and scores three points during the second quarter. photo by; Melody Scott

North Forsyth High School Boys Varsity basketball team won against Cass High School in a thrilling score of 51-45 in the Raider Arena on Nov. 14. North started off with a slow start, with Cass High School scoring five points in the first few minutes; however, they brought along with them grit and effort, fighting to take the lead. By the time the first quarter was over, the Raiders pulled up the score to 13-8. 

When the buzzer rang for the beginning of the second quarter, the Raiders took their positions, ready to start their fearless battle to victory. Within the first minute of the second quarter, Braden Randolph scored three points, setting a precedent that Bennett Helms would soon follow up with. Through the back-and-forth game between Cass and North Forsyth, Bennett Helms brought the heat as he scored 13 points in the quarter, leaving the Raiders in the lead second quarter with a score of 36 to 16 for the Raiders. 

The third quarter hit and the Raiders were back at it again with determination as Cory Seitz scored the first two points of the quarter. However, Cass High fought back, keeping the game of cat and mouse up as they scored points back to back. By the end of the quarter, Cass was up by 18 points, leaving the score 45 to 34. 

By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, the game was  at high stakes as Cass fought their way back one point at a time. Cass scored the first seven points of the quarter and as the coaches call for a time-out, the score was at 45 to 39, the Raiders in the lead, leaving the audience in anticipation. The Raiders did not give up as Justin Costello, Cory Seitz, and Aidan Kudlas help lead the team to victory; Costello and Seitz scored four points while Kudlas made intercepting plays allowing chances for the team to score. 

With the clock ticking down to one minute, the board showed an exhilarating score of 51 to 45, with Cass shortly behind the Raiders, leaving the game open for either team to win. However as the buzzer went off, marking the end of the game, the Raiders remained victorious, winning by six points.
Bennett Helms, senior, scored twenty points overall in the game, explained how the game “started off slow” with Cass High scoring the first few points of the game. However, by the second quarter, Helms “felt that [he] had to step up and be a leader for the team,” allowing for a high lead in the game, which in turn lead to a victory for the books.

By working as a team, the Raiders were able to win against the Cass Colonels. With plays from all members of the team, as North remains undefeated this season.