North Forsyth Raiders Defeats Brookwood Broncos in Landmark Playoffs Game (44-41)


The Raiders celebrate the winning touchdown of the game, turning the score to 44-41.

On Nov. 15, the North Forsyth High School  Raiders defeated Brookwood’s Broncos in the Region 7A Varsity Football playoff game with a final score of 44-41. The 11Alive Sports team also featured the game as their Landmark Dodge Team 11 Game of the Week. This football game is especially significant to Raider’s history because it is the first time that North Forsyth has hosted and attended a playoff game in 14 years.

Despite North’s persistent offense, The Brookwood Broncos got three touchdowns in the first quarter. However, North Forsyth’s Raiders achieved a field goal, giving them three points. In the last seven seconds of the first quarter, the Broncos scored another touchdown. The ending score in the first quarter was 3-27.

After two first downs, North Forsyth’s Raiders managed one touchdown in the second quarter. For this touchdown, Junior Brady Meitz, North’s quarterback, was able to pass the ball to Senior Nicky Dalmolin (North’s wide receiver) in the left corner of the end zone, changing the score to 9-27. Soon afterward, the Brookwood Broncos scored yet another touchdown, leaving the second quarter with an unpromising score of 34-9 in favor of the Broncos.

North Forsyth’s own award-winning band and color guard performed during the 15-minute halftime break period. With the excited and encouraging chants of Raider Nation, the band and color guard delivered a great performance. While halftime was occurring, popcorn, candy, hot chocolate, pizza, and hot dogs were some of the many foods and beverages sold at the concessions stand.

After three first downs in the third quarter, Meitz and Dalmolin teamed up again to earn another touchdown for the Raiders. Afterward, they completed a two-point conversion, making the score to 17-34. With only two minutes remaining in the third quarter, the Broncos scored another touchdown, changing the score to 17-41. However, Meitz and Dalmoin connected once again to complete another touchdown for the Raiders with only seconds on the clock, making the score 23-41.

Despite the disparaging circumstances, the Raiders soldiered on with heightened defense as Meitz and Dalmolin worked together yet again to score three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. With a final score of 44-41, North Forsyth’s Raiders not only won the playoff game but will also continue on to the second round of the playoffs.

The region 7A playoff game at North was not only monumental but also highly unexpected due to the Raider’s sudden comeback in the fourth quarter. Congrats to the Varsity Football team and head coach Robert Craft for their win.