Pack the Pac: A North Talent Show


Jen Vincent and Harley Asbro performed “Anything You Can do” at Pack The Pac.

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  • Judah Caraway singing the Piano Man with Hannah Potter (not shown).

Pack the Pac was held on Nov. 15, 7:00 p.m. Pack the Pac was an event where students showed off a variety of different  talents and hobbies. These acts consisted of singing, dancing, monologues, skits, filming, lights, and playing instruments.  Students performed by themselves or with a group. 


In act one, Hannah Potter and Judah Caraway performed “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. They also added lines to make it more of a skit as well as a song. Act two was performed by Avery Pineada, Anna Grace Martin, and Emma Treece. The song they sang is called “A Soft Place to Land.” from the musical “Waitress.” The girls had a set with baking ingredients and a bowl to add to their act. Austin Gazaway presented a monologue in act three. 


In act four, Judah Caraway sang an original song, and in act five Owen Malone and Justin Moore performed “Better with a Man.” Owen Malone and Justin Moore danced with props in their act. Act six presented Holland Trask dancing an Irish Dance. Noah Colwell performed a “Piano Performance” in act seven. Quinn Stags sang, “Proud of Your Boy,” from Aladdin for the next act. 


The Improv Team performed after Quinn Stag’s song. They played a variety of games; one was called “Bing” which was when two actors would stand in the front and the audience would give them a scene. The actors would then act out the scene without any props. If the person in charge of the game yells “Bing,” the one who last spoke would have to change up what they just spoke. If the director said “Freeze,” another actor with take the place of one of the two actors in front. 


Ashlynn Dickerson played “Impressions on Red” on the Piano in act nine. Julia spoke a monologue for act ten; her monologue was about the narrator crushing over a boy. Mattie Hickley, Jen Vincent, and Harley Ansbro performed a song called “MatchMaker,” creating a story with props and acting. Act twelve was an SNL skit performed by Madison Unger, Samatha Sayar, Madie Davis, Meredith Seymour, and Sydney Jarred. 


“At the Ballet” was performed by Caroline Sorrels, Julia Vara, and Haley Wicks. Sam Garner and Ireland Ashburn acted out a skit about a boy liking the girl but was too scared to talk to her. In act fourteen, Jen Vincent and Harley Ansbro performed “Anything You Can Do.” Furthermore, a light show was performed by Natalie Cardona and Emma silver. 


For the final act, after several technical difficulties, “Masks,” is an original film by Ben Barron and it was played for the audience. It was about people ending up being the same person after wearing masks to disguise themselves from each other.  Pac the Pack was a talent show, presenting many different actors and their talents. Students prepared an act or two to show their talents to family and friends.