Varsity Girls Basketball team defeated by West Forsyth High School


The girls plan their next steps for the game.

At West Forsyth High School, North lost to West 62 – 55. This was their tenth game of the 2019 season. On Tuesday, December 10 at 6:00 p.m, North took the tipoff and started the first . 


Right from the start, the girls took a lead on West, and 10 minutes into the game the score was 9 to 1 after Senior Ansley Allen scored four foul shots. Caroline Martin and Ansley Allen both scored making the score 18 to 3 fifteen minutes into the game. West scored and at the end of the first quarter, the score was 18 to 5 with North in the lead.


In the second quarter , the girls passed the ball to each other a lot more. They communicated throughout the period.  Only five minutes into the second quarter, the score was 20 to 11, with North still winning. Ansley Allen scored and Sophomore Anna Gliatta scored twice. Second quarter ended with the score at 28 to 16, North in the lead .


The third quarter started and North blocked West when they tried to shoot. Caroline Martin passed to Lily Bales who then scores. Harley Helms took the rebound and passed the ball to Ansley Allen who scored a 3 pointer. Caroline Martin passed to Ansley Allen who then passed to Vekondja Ogbogu who scored. Anna Gliatta scored again. At the end of the third Quarter ,  the score was 42 to 30, North still winning.


North continued to block West from scoring in the fourth quarter . Caroline Martin scored a foul shot with 4:55 left in the quarter. The score was 43 to 37, North still in the lead. Again, Caroline Martin scored another three foul shots. West scored a foul shot and the score became tied, 47 to 47. Caroline Martin scored another three foul shots, and West scores. At the end of the fourth period, there was a tie of 50 to 50. The game goes into overtime.


West continued to score and Caroline Martin scored a 3 pointer. West scored a 3 pointer as well. 1:18 minutes left in the game, the score was 55 to 53, West took the lead. West scored three more foul shots. Caroline Martin also scored two more foul shots. West score two free throws and they won the game with a score of 62 to 55.