Kobe Bryant Passes Away in a Tragic Helicopter Crash


A famous picture of Kobe and Gianna Bryant at a basketball game is circulating the internet after the news of their passing. Photo by DailySnark.com.

Former professional basketball player Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California on his way to his daughter’s, Gianna Bryant, AAU basketball game on Jan. 21. Along with the Bryants, Kobe and Gianna, seven other passengers were on board with them. The results of what caused the crash came in, showing that there were no apparent technical failures. However, at 10 a.m.,  during the time of the crash, there were high amounts of fog in the air making visibility “less than three miles,” remarks Paul Cline, an assistant professor of aviation of Work College. Due to the weather, it raised a question of whether or not the pilot should’ve flown them over at that time. 

Ara Zobayan, the pilot of the helicopter, had to request permission to fly in the bad weather. Due to bad weather, Zorbayan had to fly at a lower altitude and visibility. Los Angeles Police Department, the company that Zorbayan asked permission from, approved his request and allowed him to fly the helicopter. The low visibility and altitude were one of the main causes of the crash. 

While his death shocked the community, Bryant left a legacy. From children saying “Kobe” as they throw trash into a trashcan to his personal achievement in and out of the court, Bryant remained a role model for the public. The basketball community has left tributes to Bryant through the lighting of multiple buildings, like the Mercedes-Benz and the Los Angeles City Hall, in purple and yellow colors in remembrance of him along with children writing letters to him after his death. Kobe Bryant continues to leave his legacy as the public continues to mourn and gives a tribute to him.