Boys JV Soccer Team Suffers a Loss to West 4-1


North’s JV boys soccer team played a great game against West, showing excellent teamwork and sportsmanship despite the loss (Photo by: Emma Simmons)

The North Forsyth boy’s JV soccer team played against West Forsyth on Thursday, March 5 after school in Raider Valley. It had been raining throughout the day, but the players were lucky enough to have their

The two teams and their starting lineups
prepare to face off (Photo by: Emma Simmons)

game start just in the time when the sun came out and the sky cleared.


West had possession of the ball at the start, as both teams went in with strong determination and force. The ball

traveled back and forth across the field, never seeming to stay on one side for too long before it traveled to the other end. Both West and North had apparent verbal and non-verbal communication, especially Easton Vititoe, (#32) from the Raiders, who yelled encouragement and suggestions to his fellow teammates. In a moment of sheer force from West, they charged toward the Raider’s goal and the first point of the game

The first goal of the game scored by West. (Photo by: Emma Simmons)

was scored, pushing West to lead 1-0. 


Down by one point, the Raiders brought the pressure as they fought to regain their ground. There were many close calls that the West goalie either caught or deflected, and it seemed the crowd held its breath every time the ball came near the net. But, West pressed back, and another point was scored for the visitors. And right before half time, yet another point seemed to be on the horizon, but it went over the net, sparing North from falling even further behind.


At half time, West was in the lead 2-0. 


After the short break, North’s goalkeeper was temporarily replaced by Brock Casey, #34. He had a strong leg and managed to protect the goal until Adrian Drove returned. The two teams continued to play to the best of their ability, and West scored another point against North. However, thanks to the great hustle from #50, Braydon Oakley, a goal was scored for the Raiders. Oakley managed to get the ball past West’s goalkeeper, and the score was 3-1. But, in the end, West scored yet another point, and North fell to West. 


Despite their loss, the team has definitely grown in teamwork and spirit since their first game. “We communicated very well,” Owen Gravel, #31 said, “Like we had good chemistry. Our first game… we knew how to work together, but not like now. Everyone knows their role on the team now.”


North’s JV boys soccer team looks forward to more games to come, with more prospects of victory on the horizon.