What are Raiders Doing Over Fall Break?


Sophomores Erin Collins and Mackenzie Clark at St. Augustine Beach, Fla. Photo by: Elizabeth Wood

Since March, Raiders have been on a never-ending summer vacation. The 2020-2021 school year began on Aug. 6, and most Raiders are eagerly awaiting their week off. Due to COVID-19, many vacations were canceled or postponed; however, some teachers and students are still trying to make the most out of the week-long break.

Over fall break, many families are taking advantage of low priced plane tickets and hotel rooms in order to plan trips to the beach and other destinations. Emi Ashford, a sophomore, and her sister Kylie Ashford, a freshman, plan to go somewhere near Orlando, Fla. where they hope that they can go to Disney World. 

Sophomores Emily Johnson and Lindsey Moulton are going on a trip to Orange Beach, Ala. Olivia Reagan, another sophomore, said, “I am spending the week at a lake cabin somewhere in the North Georgia Mountains.” Erin Collins and Mackenzie Clark, sophomores are going to St. Augustine Beach, Fla. for the week.

Morgan Hall, a freshman, is planning on staying home over the break and going to Lake Lanier. Isabella Neuwirth, a junior, and Stephanie Hutchens are celebrating their birthdays over the break. Hutchens explained, “I am going to Blue Ridge. I am going hiking and apple picking with my family and our dogs for a few days.” Cameron Iles, a junior, is traveling to Cary, N.C. to visit family. Emily Hills, a sophomore, is also visiting her family who lives in Kansas City, Miss. 

Overall, most people just want a break from school. For a lot of people, the start of school was a big adjustment. Whether online or in person, Raiders are more than ready for their week off.