North Forsyth Marching Band and Color Guard’s Performance of “Queen.”


After the first night of their performance, Coach Mels saw a perfect opportunity to take a group photo. Photo by: Gabby Mels

The North Forsyth football season is starting up again with halftime performances from North’s marching band. 


The North Forsyth High School’s marching band and color guard is rehearsing for this year’s performance, which is going to be a variation of Queen songs. This year’s performance is very different from their last year’s show “Volcano.”


“I personally love Queen. I love all their music, so I was really excited. It was supposed to be a movie through the decades, but because of Corona we thought it would be easier to do a smaller show,” Anslee Merritt expressed.


“This year it’s very different because we have to show different emotions with each song,” Emily York said. 


Coach Gabby Nelms has been in color guard for eight years. This year will be her fourth year coaching color guard at North. “We only had partial band camp days due to COVID-19, so we barely even had time to drill. We had to do it during rehearsal, which was a lot.”


Color guard is more than just dance; although, it also does rely heavily on dance. Merritt said, “There is a lot that goes into color guard. It’s a lot of dance, and there is also the flag and rifles you have to spin. It’s also an expression.” 


Although performance is extremely important, so is the color guard’s family atmosphere.


“Everyone is so nice. It’s just like a family,” York said.


 Coach Nelms expressed, “That’s one of the many things I love about color guard. It’s very family-oriented.” 


Junior Alex Bennett agreed with the family type bond the group shares. He said, “I chose color guard mainly because I want to be a captain when I’m a senior. I tried [color guard] in winter and really liked it so I just continued with it.”


The competitions for marching band don’t start until October. The color guard is excited to show their performance to the audience.