NFHS’ Third Mountain Biking Race and COVID-19 Regulations


Richard Buhre

North’s riders prepare to race at Dauset Trails.

COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, has changed many aspects of people’s lives, including work, schooling and daily routines. As an example, many stores now require masks upon entering, and schools have made changes to limit exposure and spreading of the virus. Not only these organizations, but sports have been affected greatly. Mountain biking has had many changes to help stop the spread of coronavirus. 

In the past, the Georgia League races were huge events, where teams all around the state came to race against each other. This year, the format has changed to a time trial style race. Riders race against the clock rather than directly with each other; each team has a different time slot to race, which limits contact and exposure with other teams and spectators. 

Another coronavirus regulation is mask-wearing. Every coach, parent and rider not currently riding a bike must have a mask on at all times. When a coach or a rider is riding their bike, masks may be removed. 

Previously, high school riders raced more than one lap, but this year, the league has cut it down to one lap in order to fit in each team throughout the state. Junior Christina Keyser explains what biking is like with the new regulations. She says, “We don’t have to interact with other teams. We don’t have to worry about passing people as much. It feels safe.” 

The third race was located at Dauset Trails near Jackson, Ga. North’s riders raced the 4.65-mile course on Sunday, Oct. 11. Despite the coronavirus updates, every rider finished with little to no bike troubles. North’s top placers were Micheal Morgan, Isabella Neuwirth, Imogene Ragan and Christina Keyser. North placed second overall in division one this past weekend.

Despite the conflicts with coronavirus, North still managed to take second place, and every rider finished safely from serious injury and the virus.