In Memory of Everett Streit

In Memory of Everett Streit

On Thursday, Nov. 12, Everett Streit, junior, passed away after a car accident. Streit was a loving brother, a bright student, and a caring friend who always put the needs of others before his own. No matter who Everett came into contact with, he always managed to leave an impression on them. Streit made others feeling wanted and accepted his top priority. 


As a tribute to Everett’s memory, the Raider Wire spoke with some of Everett’s classmates and teachers. Here are just a few of the many heartfelt accounts others had with Everett.


“Everett sat next to me in AP Computer Science, and we would do stupid Buzzfeed quizzes together. He would always help me with any work I didn’t understand. He was really fun to hang out with. We went to the fair with each other once and had a blast. He was just an amazing person to be around.” – Edward “Teddy” Merrell, junior


“He was a really nice guy. He always kept a smile on his face and made everyone around him happy. There’s nothing negative you can say about him.” – Awbree Cochran, junior


“Some friends and I were hanging out after school one day, and one of them decided to climb a tree. They didn’t want to get their shirt messed up, so Everett gave them his new hoodie so their shirt wouldn’t get ruined. He would never hesitate to help others and was never judgemental. All he did was make people’s lives brighter.” – Emily Scholz, junior


“I’ve known him since elementary school, and even though I wasn’t close to him, he was always the most kind-hearted kid. I remember his laugh and how kind he was to others. There is absolutely nothing bad you can say about Everett… he was the kindest soul. It’s crazy how someone can lose their life so easily before they even got a chance to fully live it.” – Camden Edwards, junior


“Everett was a beloved member of seventh block AP Language and Composition. He was a keen and insightful writer who produced concise and vivid work. In an autobiographical poem, Everett described his love for football, soccer and his many dogs… Everett’s love of his family was readily apparent even during the short time I knew him. Each day in class, Everett sat with a friend he’d known since sixth grade. Classmates enjoyed his bright mind and subtle kindness. In a recent class writing, Everett indicated he’d been having fun playing soccer every weekend and expressed it was “super exciting” to participate in a number of his hobbies. One quality I especially appreciated about him was his regard for others… He was, quite simply, a lovely young man with a kind heart and a sincere appreciation of his friends and family. We will miss him terribly.” – Mrs. Hollis, teacher


“Everett was in my Honors 10 class last year. We were a close-knit class and had a lot of fun learning. I remember Everett’s laugh; it was a shy and quiet laugh, like he was in class. But it was genuine like him.” – Mrs. Younghouse, teacher


“He was the nicest person anyone could ever come across. No matter how he felt, he would always make others smile. I had World History with him my sophomore year and he would always ask me how my day was and helped me with any questions I had in class.” – Hailey Orth, junior


“If someone was making fun of something you liked or something that you were passionate about, Everett would always be the one to stick up for you and show you that he cared and that he didn’t think it was stupid.” – Anabella Bianchini, junior


“In elementary school, my brother, Avery, would have football practice at Central Park right after Everett. So my mom and I would arrive early at Avery’s practice to watch Everett play. Even though he was always the smallest, he was always the fastest. After one of Everett’s games, I remember my mom going up to him and telling him what a good player he was. I also remember how the pads always swallowed him up. They were always bigger than him. Everett was just a very polite and kind person.” – Katelyn Adams, junior


Everett touched the lives of so many people in his 16 years of living. His acts of kindness and generosity will be cherished and remembered by everyone. Visitation will be at Christ the Redeemer on 991 Kilough Church Road Tuesday, Nov. 17 from 6-8 p.m. and on Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 10 a.m. There is also a GoFundMe page raising money to help his family cover the funeral costs. You can also visit Everett’s obituary by clicking here. 


Once a Raider, Always a Raider.