NFHS Mountain Biking Team Wins Second Place In Season


A photo of the North Forsyth High School Mountain Bike team which consists of high schoolers Brayden Martin, Isabella Neuwirth, Elizabeth Wood, Joel Unger, Dawson Roe and Thomas Wise. Photo from the NFHS Mountain Biking Team

As this year’s mountain biking season came to a close, the North Forsyth High School Mountain Biking team was able to land in second place in division 1. On Sunday Nov. 8, the fifth and final mountain biking race was held at Bartram Trail in Milledgeville, Ga. Although our very own team was able to finish in first place for the specific race, the overall performance of the races placed us at second place for the season.


Despite Race five being the final one of the season, it is simply just a normal race that does not determine this year’s winner. The victor is established by the overall performance of each team throughout the season by using a point system. All competing high schools play at every race before comparing the data of each one to decide the winner. As the NFHS Mountain Biking team was able to obtain a leading 1,921 points in the final stretch, we earned second place with a total of 9,641 points (just 622 behind Woodstock High School).


 Coach Jeff Martin is extremely proud of his team’s accomplishments this season and is elated that they were able to work together to overcome the added challenges of COVID-19 by achieving the high placement. It was a struggle to adapt to the recent adjustments of having to race against the clock rather than opponents for social distancing; “We had to completely change our style of racing for this season.” 

However, no challenge is too big for a Raider to overcome, and he is grateful for the opportunity to still have a mountain biking season this year. “ It was just a really big undertaking that the state league really put a lot of effort in making these changes and making it so that kids could race.”