HOSA Celebrates a Busy October: Blood Drive, Fundraisers and More

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  • HOSA Co-President and senior Rodrigo Colon Garcia helped a donor select his post-donation snack to ensure the donor’s safety and wellbeing. Photo by Sarah Treusch.

  • Being a helping hand and a friendly aide to donors and general members, sophomore Claire Bassett–and friends–manned the aftercare snack station filled with juices and cookies for donors to choose from while they wait to be released. Photo by Sarah Treusch.

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With the Red Cross Blood Drive, Sock Donations, World’s Finest Chocolate sales, donating candy to Northside Hospital and a field trip, the North Forsyth HOSA has had its hands full in October. Co-Presidents senior Rodrigo Colon Garcia and junior Madison McConnell are working diligently to make sure HOSA remains as organized as possible throughout the chaos.


In the Raider Arena on Oct. 19, HOSA partnered with the Red Cross to host a blood drive. Students over the age of 16 are eligible to donate blood, and the drive was during the first, second, third, fourth and fifth periods. Donors selected which period they wanted to donate in and received a free Zaxby’s chicken sandwich upon donating.


“We are selling chocolate throughout the year as a fundraiser. After all the sales are done, some leftover money will go to a charity of HOSA’s choice,” said McConnell.


HOSA members have been carrying around little suitcases of the World’s Finest Chocolate. Their flavors are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, wafer, almond, crisp and caramel. Each chocolate bar runs for a dollar.


General Member junior Lilly Marker said, “[My favorite thing about selling chocolate is] the ability for it to help [her] with future goals and conferences for HOSA as well as speaking to some new people [she has] never gotten to know before.”


On Oct. 15, HOSA officers went to the Georgia State Fair in Perry, Ga. to listen to motivational speakers. It was called the Fall Leadership Rally.


McConnell described what a usual HOSA meeting looks like, stating, “Our meetings are usually twice a month with occasional wellness[es] here and there. We usually give a brief rundown of our monthly activities and mention info on competitions. We also like to incorporate medical-focused activities [like] future medical careers or anatomy facts.”


All-in-all, October was truly a busy month for HOSA, filled with lots of service opportunities for its members to give back to the community.