Inside North’s First-Ever Boy’s Volleyball Tournament


The junior boy’s volleyball team celebrated their victory with a selfie (Photo by Nofo Volleyball).

On Wednesday, Jan. 19, North male students participated in a volleyball tournament during Raider Time and Wellness. Each grade was pinned against one another, and numerous Varsity Volleyball players coached and trained the boys to play to the best of their abilities. 


Senior Sydney Jarrard organized this tournament and the powderpuff tournament from the first semester. “I really wanted to do something else. It isn’t a ‘traditional’ sport. The boys weren’t able to participate in powderpuff, so I figured that men’s volleyball would be a great way to get them involved,” said Jarrard. 


As STUCO President and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook, Jarrard has stayed involved in North all four years of her high school career. “This school is something that I hold very dear to my heart because I’ve grown up here. My dad works here at North; my parents met at North; My mom brought me to the North when I was a baby.”


The boy’s volleyball tournament is monumental since it is the first time that North has held a tournament of that type. Senior Brodie Mizer and a few friends of his players in the game, and had a ton of fun. “Some buddies of mine talked about playing, so I thought I’d play as well. I also like playing volleyball, so why not?”


Mizer revealed a typical practice for the senior team. “We had one practice last week(Jan. 12), and we worked on bumps, sets, and spikes. I like spiking the ball and hitting it as hard as I possibly can,” said Mizer. 


To finalize the tournament, the junior boys ended up victorious. Juniors Nathalia Quintero, Maddie McCafferty, and sophomore Lauren Holcomb were their coaches. 


Sports should not be defined by a gender role society has made out to be. The boy’s volleyball tournament is significant because it exemplifies a new culture at North. North Forsyth High School is not an average school anymore; it is adapting and changing, and raider students have pride, passion, and purpose.