Nothing But the Best at the 2021-2022 Cheer Banquet


The JV basketball cheer team with their awards. Photo by Emmelyn Harrison.

On Sunday, Feb. 6, North hosted the football, basketball and competition cheer banquet in the cafeteria. The cheerleaders were all recognized for their participation and outstanding efforts throughout the season. Awards were handed out with titles such as the “rookie award,” the “most spirited award,” the “most dedicated award” and the “most valuable player award.”

The JV teams were honored first, and multiple awards were distributed. The JV football squad was summoned to receive their awards, and the JV basketball squad followed afterward. The awards were received and appreciated by all. Freshman Bianca Monta received the “rookie award.” “It might not seem like a big deal, but it is a memory I will carry throughout my life because I had just completed my first high school year as a cheerleader,” said Monta.

Varsity was honored next. The varsity football cheerleaders went up first and accepted their awards, followed by the varsity basketball cheerleaders, who were recognized too. The “Raider Award” was given out to the varsity teams and only handed to seniors. It is the highest award and honor a high school athlete can receive. The recipient of this award from varsity basketball was senior Jennifer Dunn, and for football was senior Chelsea Edwards. “It was totally unexpected for me. Now, I try to continually work, so I feel I deserve the award,” expressed Dunn.

Lastly, the competition cheer team was called up to accept their awards. The same awards were given that were accepted by the other teams. Multiple cheerleaders were honored for being first-year letters, and all the cheerleaders were individually talked about. All the cheerleaders collected their awards and letters and sat back down.

After all the awards were accepted, there was a ceremony honoring the seniors. There was a slideshow and a video with pictures of them. The video was about the cheerleaders who talked about their cheer experience. They also advised the girls who are continuing next year. After the emotional ceremony, the banquet came to an end. It ended with everyone taking pictures together and farewells being said.