Former UGA Player Arrested for Suspected Murder


Ahkil Crumpton walked onto Georgia history as a wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs during 2017 and 2018. He hailed from Philadelphia but signed to the Bulldogs after committing temporarily to both the Philadelphia Temple Owls and UC Davis Aggies (South Carolina). He was by no means a star player and definitely could not live up to the likes of Fred Gibson or Herschel Walker. His most notable achievement was a 78-yard touchdown against Georgia Tech, which was the longest of the season. All in all, Crumpton’s football career was uneventful.


But today, he is not remembered for his time with the Bulldogs.


Almost a year ago on March 19, 2021, a Racetrac clerk named Elijah Wood was killed by a gunman who came into the shop and shot him. A customer notified the police, who came in and found the victim, but Wood was past saving.


The gunman was covered head to toe in black and covered his face so that only his eyes were visible, and after he killed Wood, he left without taking anything from the store. All leads were a dead end, and though there were 51 suspects, none of them could be connected to the case. For some time, it seemed that the murder—the first in Oconee County in two years— would go unsolved.


Despite the setbacks, new evidence arose that aided in the discovery of the perpetrator. In July, there was a similar shooting in Philadelphia, and ballistics evidence connected that shooting to the Georgia shooting. 


Crumpton was arrested in Philadelphia and is currently in custody. His role in the Georgia case is under investigation. Though he is not being charged with murder in the Philadelphia case, he is facing weapons charges for the incident.