The war in Russia and Ukraine



Ms.Surin standing next to the Ukrainian flag made by the Slavic club

The Russian and Ukrainian war has been going on since Feb. 24, 2022. There have been more than 13,000 people dead or injured. Russia and Ukraine have always had a problem with each other. “According to the BBC, this is the biggest war in Europe since WorldWarII”. The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, wants to overrun the government. On Feb.24 he told the people of Russia his goal is to “demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine”. The president of Ukraine, Voldoymr Zelensky, claims that “the enemy has targeted him and his family.” That was at the beginning of the war. The question now is; what is next with the Ukrainian and Russian war and when will it end?


 On June 3, 2022 President Biden made a speech saying that “U.S. military aid is meant to help Ukrainians defend themselves well enough to “be in the strongest possible position at the negotiating table.” So far he has kept his word. Recently on Sep. 8, 2022, the Secretary of Defense Llyond J. Austin III claimed that Washington will send an additional 675 million dollars. This will include air -missiles, another shipment will have 150-millimeter howitzers, artillery ammunition, vehicles, anti-armor weapons and guided rockets. They then intend to send another 2 billion dollars of long-term support for Ukraine and the other 18 countries that are being attacked by Russia.     


The Russian teacher,Anna,Surin, has some thoughts about the war. She is originally from Russia; the first time she heard about the war, she couldn’t believe it. “I didn’t believe that it would happen. I’m originally from Russia and my dad’s family is from Ukraine and my mom is from Russia. So the first month and the first week, I was in a state of shock, and to me, it was like one family split apart.” She went on to open up about her father being in Russia and her Grandma in Ukraine.     


When I asked her about the President of Ukraine, Vlodymr Zelenskyy, she applauded him as being strong for Ukraine. “My students make comments like he is a hero. He is that popular person and the most influential person in the world right now.” She went on to say that the Slavic language club sold candy and buttons last year that said, “stand with Ukraine,” they ended up raising 250 dollars that were donated to the Red Cross. North is grateful to have a teacher and a group of students who care so much about Ukraine.