Elon Musk: Twitter Controversy



Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors and New owner of Twitter.

Elon Musk and Twitter have been a widespread topic this past year: at the beginning of April, Musk bought a 9.2 percentage share of Twitter and was appointed a seat on the board. However, not ten days later, Musk was kicked off Twitter’s board and sued for failing to disclose his investment in Twitter.


This prompted Musk to offer 43 billion dollars on April 14 to buy the company. Since 43 billion dollars is hardly a small bid, Twitter did not take it lightly.


On April 25, Twitter accepted Musk’s offer to buy the company. This change, as Techcrunch says, “from being a publicly traded company to a billionaire-owned, private entity,” was not taken lightly by many people. People started deleting their profiles, and researchers were worried about Twitter’s research data


A month after the announcement, the deal was temporarily suspended over bot-battling metrics. In that same month, Musk got sued again by Twitter shareholders for acquisition shenanigans.


However, Twitter tried to push along the deal by getting shareholders to approve it, but on July 8, Musk killed the agreement causing Twitter to sue Musk as a way to force him to seal the deal. 


On Oct. 28, following months of obstacles, Musk acquired Twitter. However, with Musk as the new owner of the company, changes have been made. Musk started laying off people, and in the following weeks, plans to lay off seven thousand five hundred employees because he wants to make “an effort to place Twitter on a healthy path” as he says in an interview with NBC News. 


This response caused an uproar from employees and people all over the world. So much in fact, that Twitter experienced a massive revenue drop because advertisers stopped advertising on the platform until further notice. 


With the several lawsuit cases leading up to Musk becoming the owner of Twitter and now the backlash from people over the layoffs. Musk will be a widespread topic for months to come and people will be waiting to see what Musk’s next move will be.