My Dream


The fantasy I dream of. Photo by Lohrien

The fantasy I dream of.

You make me happy.

I’m talking about the cliche kind,

the kind where I get all giddy and hug myself, unable to contain my happiness.

The kind where I talk to my mom about you.

The kind where I see a couple’s post and debate whether I should tag you or not,

or the kind where I stay up all night composing a poem for you,

a poem that could never capture the intense feelings of love I feel towards you.

This is the type of happy little girls dream of, the ones who dream of one day meeting their prince.

You are the prince I’ve always dreamed of.

The person I hoped would save me from the dangers of the world,

one who’d accept me for who I am, one who’d help me reach for my dreams, and vice versa.

I cannot contain myself.

You make me the kind of happy where I can’t help but stupidly smile at my phone, even when I am around friends,

the kind of happiness where I check my phone every 5 minutes in the hopes you texted me, 

or the kind where I pray to see you in my dream every night before I sleep.

You make me so incredibly happy.

This is my dream, my fantasy.