I run.


I’m tired (Photo by: Sarah Treusch)

I can never stop running

My feet ache from the constant beating on the ground

Again and again

I can never change pace

Ridiculed for slowing down 

My lungs collapse when I accelerate


I cannot control the sound

I can’t hear it over my mind

My mind is racing 

I am racing 

Towards what?

Towards the end?

Is the stomping of my feet too loud?

I can’t regulate it

I hate that


I’m tired of running,

But I can’t stop

What would people say 

If I simply took a break?


I’m perspiring

My organs are crying for water,

But I cannot stop.

My heart is pounding

I’ve been running for so long

Up and down the hills

The highs

The lows


I run up the hill

Increasing in elevation

Increasing in difficulty

I run 

I run

I run 

Finally, I reach the top

Excruciation isn’t over

After all of the work

After all of the effort

I still have to keep running


Then I run down


D o w n

It’s much quicker

And more dangerous

I’m exhausted

My feet grow in pounds

Weighing me down

How can I still keep running?

I run, still. 


Will I run forever?

I feel as though I will run forever

Again and again

My feet ache

My heart aches

My mind aches

Will I ever reach my destination?

What is my destination?