North Faces Heart-breaking Defeat Against West in JV Basketball Game


North and West Forsyth High School face head to head against each other in Junior Varsity Basketball game. Photo by Daphni Torres

North Forsyth High School held a Junior Varsity basketball game against the West Forsyth Wolverines at the Raider Arena on Dec. 10 at 4:30 p.m.. Throughout the whole game, North was behind roughly 10 points despite words of encouragement coming from family members sitting on the bleachers and North’s cheerleaders throw cheers of motivation. In the end, North played hard, but finished with a final score of 46-58.

North’s Raiders fell behind 10 points during the first quarter as West scored 15 points while North scored five with one minute left on the clock. By the end of the first quarter, North accumulated a total of eight fouls, giving the upper hand for West as they scored free throws. By the end of the second quarter and the start of half-time, the score read 14-29, leaving North behind 15 points. 

After half-time, the fouls were reset, and both teams started to play again. West continued to score multiple three-point shots, but North made a slight comeback. Three three-pointers were scored back-to-back, and number 21 brought up North’s score as he shot and made two foul shots along with cheers from the crowd. After North brought up their score, the scoreboard read 26-40, still behind. With 1:30 minutes left, North was still behind 15 points and the game ended resulting in West winning. Both teams high fived each other, establishing a mutual, fair game setting like how most games end.