Super Bowl Preview



Eagles Running Back, Miles Sanders scoring a touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers.

The stage is set for Superbowl 57 which will be held in the State Farm stadium in Arizona on February 12, 6:30pm. The teams playing this year both have very dynamic offenses which should be a very high scoring game. Representing the NFC is the Philadelphia Eagles and representing the AFC is the Kansas City Chiefs. Performing the halftime show is nine time Grammy winner Rihanna. 


Both teams have had a fantastic season with the Eagles finishing the season 14-3 after going undefeated for half the season with the Chiefs also finishing 14-3. The Eagles are slight favorites over the Chiefs with the betting odds.


Philadelphia’s journey through the 2022 season has been very extraordinary. They started the season with almost losing to the Detroit Lions, who were considered one of the worst teams in the NFL last season, but won 38-35. Ever since week one of the season, they were on a roll out-scoring all their opponents and was considered to have the most dynamic offense in the league.


They were the only team that hadn’t lost a single game until tragedy struck in week 11 when the Eagles finally lost to the Washington Commanders 32-21. The Eagles bounced back and kept winning until the Eagles Quarterback, Jalen Hurts, hurt his shoulder while facing against the Chicago Bears which resulted in the Quarterback to miss the next two games.


The Eagles went on to lose the next two games against the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints since they didn’t have their star player. The Eagles were back in dynamic fashion when Hurts returned in week 18 of the season winning against the New York Giants 22-16, while clinching the first seed of the playoffs earning them a first round bye. The Eagles would go on to play against the New York Giants during the divisional round of the playoffs and then the San Francisco 49ers during the Conference Championship, in which they absolutely dominated both teams 38-7 against the Giants and 31-7 against the 49ers.


The Chiefs were predicted to not be as good as they have been with the bundles of trades they had over the offseason, which included their star Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill. Everybody was wrong however, because the Chiefs were the highest scoring offense through the season. They would also outscore most of their opponents, with a few close games here and there. They also earned the first seed for the AFC and got to miss the first round of the playoffs.


The Chiefs were set against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the divisional round which resulted in a very close game where the Chief’s defense stopped the Jaguars during their final drive ending the game to 27-20. Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered an ankle injury at the beginning of the game which had him be replaced by Chad Henne for one drive but then Mahomes returned to play the rest of the game. 


Many were skeptical if Mahomes could still have the finesse he normally brings to games with the hurt ankle, but during the Conference Championship he showed out and lead a fantastic drive downfield during the final seconds of the game, so Chief’s kicker Harrison Butker could kick the game winner which resulted in the score of 23-20.


This Superbowl is going to be a fantastic one with two great quarterbacks that will surely be the future of the NFL and it will be very exciting to see what team will be the next Super Bowl champion.

Patrick Mahomes hyped after win. (CNN)