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Puppy and animal mills keep pets in inexcusable conditions. Including the puppy above, hundreds of captive animals were rescued on April 18th 2017 in Habersham county; however, thousands more will not be so lucky.

Puppy Mills a Continuing Atrocity in Georgia

Ramya Raja, News and Sports Editor October 19, 2017

Puppy mills in Georgia originated roughly during the post-World War II era and are still in extensive existence today. They are horrible places in which dogs are extensively bred to maximize profits of...

There are many ways to treat drug addictions. However, the most important one is love.

Prevention and Treatment: Drugs are in Forsyth County

Bella Angell, Staff Writer November 15, 2016

According to the Forsyth County Georgia Student Health Survey 2015, local high school seniors reported that 21 percent used alcohol, 13 percent used marijuana and/or 2.3 percent have used painkillers that...

The grass will always seem greener on the other side.

On the Inside Looking Out

Grace Hanks, Staff Writer April 28, 2015

Perfect, Simple, Plastic.   Our pristine faces shining each time they come to play.   “Run, run, run, to your places” Mother is always screaming   “Don’t...

FLATLINE: NFL Joins the Violence-Free Animal Lover’s Club

FLATLINE: NFL Joins the Violence-Free Animal Lover’s Club

Brandon Moss, Web Editor November 11, 2014

Due to recent cases of abusive National Football League (NFL) players such as Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice, the NFL has decided to join forces with the Animal Lover’s Club, an anti-violence organization...

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