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: Raider nation’s “pink-out” football game was Oct. 20 and proceeds from school t-shirt sales were donated to breast cancer research. Doing your part to spread awareness and contribute to fighting breast cancer is an activity that binds together an entire community; everyone is impacted.

Breast Cancer as a Commodity: How October Takes Advantage of a Disease

Holley Murray, Staff Writer November 6, 2017

Each year, October is a month in which leaves turn brown and just about everything else turns pink. Football teams abandon their team colors to fill a stadium with pink shirts, socks, paint, cleats and...

The child, pictured above, underwent harsh chemotherapy treatments, leaving her nauseated, tired, and gloomy.

Alternatives to Chemo Could Save a Life; Maybe Even Yours

Peyton Moore, Staff Writer October 19, 2017

As fall approaches, many people stop to recognize that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month; a time that shines light on the fact that child cancer patients often go through chemo. Chemotherapy...

 Carter, the 39th president of the United States, has just been diagnosed with cancer. Photo Credit: Carter Center

Jimmy Carter, 90, Diagnosed with Cancer

Seth Anderson, Staff Writer August 31, 2015

When a man lives to be 90 years old, he has reached to the age where it is time to come to terms with his life, what he has done, and the final things he will end up doing. For Jimmy Carter, one of those...

Smoke tastes better blown from your lungs rather than resting inside.

In the Perspective of a Cigarette

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer November 20, 2014

My skin is rough, different shades of pale white, Slender, perfectly fitting the cuffs of his plush mouth, Pressed between the pillows of his lips as the end of me Is set aflame, a flash of heat...

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