Alternatives to Chemo Could Save a Life; Maybe Even Yours



The child, pictured above, underwent harsh chemotherapy treatments, leaving her nauseated, tired, and gloomy.

Peyton Moore, Staff Writer

As fall approaches, many people stop to recognize that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month; a time that shines light on the fact that child cancer patients often go through chemo. Chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments are widely used around the world- each year, about 650,000 cancer patients undergo chemotherapy in the United States alone. Ever since chemotherapy was developed in the 1940s, much of society has been led to believe that chemotherapy and radiation treatment is the key to fighting cancer. Oncologists and cancer specialists have sworn left and right that these treatments are the absolute best option for cancer patients, but are these doctors really interested in helping their patients or are they just in it for the paycheck?

Chemotherapy is not only dangerous, but also very ineffective in improving most cancers. A scientific experiment called “The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies” concluded that only about 2% of cancers are actually responsive to chemotherapy. One of the most responsive cancers is testicular cancer, which is still only has a 41.8% success rate. Would you hire an uber driver that only has a 42% chance of bringing you home safely? Patients who resort to alternative treatments live an average of 12 years longer than those who go through chemo. There are many alternative cancer treatments that are much healthier, cost effective, and more reliable than chemo.

Anti-cancer foods, Frankincense and immunotherapy are just a few effective alternatives. Stage four glioblastoma survivor, Michael Hayes, chose to use alternative therapies after experiencing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation first-hand. He was told by his oncologist that without chemo, he was looking at a 3-6 month life expectancy. He stated, “Chemotherapy was not offered as my best resource, it was offered as my only resource.” Soon after he started chemotherapy, his tumor started to grow. He stopped chemo and began an anti-cancer diet; taking supplements, using essential oils and taking medical CBD and THC oils. At his next CT scan, doctors were amazed to find that the tumor growth had nearly vanished and the tissue was healing. It has been two years since Michael’s diagnosis and he is living a happy and healthy life with his family.

Chemotherapy is more detrimental than most realize and many charities are working towards spreading the word about chemo and helping patients find better treatments. If you would like to help with this cause, you can donate to holistic cancer charities such as the Flowering Hope Foundation or spread the word about the dangers of chemotherapy. Too many lives are being lost due to chemo and it is imperative that society becomes more open-minded about life saving alternative treatments.