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Gatlinburg Evacuated due to Deadly Fire

Fires are destroying a popular tourist destination in Gatlinburg, Tenn., causing surrounding areas to panic and worry about the safety of locals and wildlife. While rain is covering most of the area and ceasing the fire, it is believed to cause more problems than it will help. Emergency evacuations are being conducted in the area as well.

Kristin Iler, Sports Editor

December 2, 2016

Fires destroyed many parts of Gatlinburg, Tennessee over this week, forcing more than 1,000 residents to evacuate and fill the nearby shelters. Spreading fast over the entire forests of Gatlinburg, the fires enveloped many buildings and homes. Many reports suggest that the popular resort Westgate Smoky...

Fannin County Wildfire Smoke Reaches Forsyth County

The photo above is an aerial view of the fire and the amount of smoke being produced. Photo credits to the 11alive news team.

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer

November 15, 2016

After weeks of burning in Fannin and Gilmer counties, the Rough Ridge fire is now approaching 20,000 acres with no sign of stopping. Due to the increasing drought, and lack of humidity in the air, the fire has the potential to burn throughout the week or longer. Since the fire broke out, more than 50...

Childhood Misconceptions

Kids are known for their creativity, but sometimes their imaginations lead them to the wrong conclusions.

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer

September 8, 2015

Over the course of their childhood, many children believe untrue things, and these fallacies will eventually lead to bitter disappointment. In elementary school, “stop, drop, and roll” is drilled into the heads of students, and many come to believe that catching on fire occurs much more often...

Georgia Traffic on State Route 369

Students at North Forsyth may take State Route 369 everyday. Driving is dangerous, and wrecks can be costly; however, we can make travel safer by improving the roads we drive on.

Erin Dickman, Staff Writer

April 27, 2015

Each day, cars trudge along State Route 369 in the congested traffic caused by larger trucks and slower vehicles. One of the drivers takes the risk of rescheduling their appointment, and he will have to reschedule. Not because of the traffic but because he might just rear-end the poor car in front of...

Paranoia for the Survivalist: Natural Disasters

Even a rainstorm has the potential to be dangerous. It can cause roads to be dangerous by blinded drivers. 
Here is a step by step guide.

Noelle Walker, Facebook Admin

March 18, 2015

At least once in our lives, we have had a brief, panicky, moment when we leave our mind to think about “what if’s.” “What if my house were to catch on fire when I was asleep?” “What if I were to get caught in a blizzard?” “What if I was at the beach and a tsunami occurred?’ This...

Beat the Heat

Sit back, relax, and go to the lake, but watch out for these guys.

Chase Samples, Staff Writer

May 16, 2014

School is coming to an end, not only for us, but for the seniors too. They are going to graduate and some are going off to college. Summer is near, and the heat is right there with it. The pools are starting to open, and that is one awesome way to beat the summer heat. Going to the lake is another great...

Life With Food Allergies

Even candy bars can kill; everything from Twix to Snickers to Butterfinger have a sneaky way of getting into our lives. Kissing someone or hugging someone with the allergy can send them into a panic attack or even an allergy attack.

Abbie Findley, Short Story Editor

April 21, 2014

Migraines, gastro-intestinal discomfort, sniffles, red eyes, coughing, hives, lung constriction -- all possible symptoms of an allergic reaction. For me, the severity of the symptoms depend on what I’ve ingested and how much of it. I’ve lived in a state of fear for the last fourteen years of my life....

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