Fannin County Wildfire Smoke Reaches Forsyth County


The photo above is an aerial view of the fire and the amount of smoke being produced. Photo credits to the 11alive news team.

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer

After weeks of burning in Fannin and Gilmer counties, the Rough Ridge fire is now approaching 20,000 acres with no sign of stopping. Due to the increasing drought, and lack of humidity in the air, the fire has the potential to burn throughout the week or longer. Since the fire broke out, more than 50 firefighters have attempted to contain the blaze, but have only prevented the fire from spreading, but have not been able to completely put the fire out. Also, the wind change has brought thick amounts of the smoke into Forsyth County, where health departments are sending out warnings for people to limit the duration of time they are outside if possible to prevent long-term health effects from the blaze.

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