Gatlinburg Evacuated due to Deadly Fire


Tennessee Highway Patrol/Twitter

Fires are destroying a popular tourist destination in Gatlinburg, Tenn., causing surrounding areas to panic and worry about the safety of locals and wildlife. While rain is covering most of the area and ceasing the fire, it is believed to cause more problems than it will help. Emergency evacuations are being conducted in the area as well.

Kristin Iler, Sports Editor

Fires destroyed many parts of Gatlinburg, Tennessee over this week, forcing more than 1,000 residents to evacuate and fill the nearby shelters. Spreading fast over the entire forests of Gatlinburg, the fires enveloped many buildings and homes. Many reports suggest that the popular resort Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort and Spa has been completely destroyed.

Not only is the safety of the residents at stake due to these monstrous fires, but wildlife is also beginning to suffer. Many of the employees of wildlife management areas are concerned for the population of 10,500 animals populating the area.

Luckily, showers have put most of the fire out, but meteorologists are still worried that it will stop before the fires do. Even the rain poses a dangerous threat to people though. The upcoming stores combine with the wind can easily cause problems by pushing trees down, killing animals and firefighters in the process. No one is assumed safe in this once comfortable getaway.