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Xanax Rappers: Your Drug Addictions Are Not Beautiful

These fans of Lil Peep were featured in a post on the rapper’s Instagram, captioned, “Look at my beautiful fans awwwww.” It would be Lil Peep’s final post; the very same day, he would be found dead at only 21 years old as a result of overdosing on fentanyl and Xanax. (Photo from @lilpeep on Instagram.)

Holley Murray, Literature Editor

May 6, 2019

“Running away from you takes time and pain, and I don’t even want to / So I’m getting high all week without you, popping pills, thinking about you.” An enthralled crowd in El Paso, Texas sang out these lyrics at a Lil Peep concert on Nov. 14, 2017. The very next day, Lil Peep would be found dead at only 21 y...

Prevention and Treatment: Drugs are in Forsyth County

There are many ways to treat drug addictions. However, the most important one is love.

Bella Angell, Staff Writer

November 15, 2016

According to the Forsyth County Georgia Student Health Survey 2015, local high school seniors reported that 21 percent used alcohol, 13 percent used marijuana and/or 2.3 percent have used painkillers that were not prescribed in the past 30 days. Officials hate to admit it, but it is true. The use of...

Indonesia Executes Eight People for Drug Crimes

The Indonesian President has cracked down on drug traffickers in the past few months. In January, a round of executions led to both Brazil and the Netherlands recalling their ambassadors to Indonesia. Australia recently joined the list of countries who have recalled envoys due to drug-related executions.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

May 11, 2015

The Indonesian government executed eight convicted drug traffickers via firing line on 29 April. Of the eight, only one of those executed was Indonesian. Four Nigerians, two Australians, and a Brazilian made up the other seven executed for drug smuggling crimes. The Brazilian, Rodrigo Gularte, was rep...

On the Inside Looking Out

The grass will always seem greener on the other side.

Grace Hanks, Staff Writer

April 28, 2015

Perfect, Simple, Plastic.   Our pristine faces shining each time they come to play.   “Run, run, run, to your places” Mother is always screaming   “Don’t let them see” Father is always angry   “Wear your finest dress” Brother...

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