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Fall break is just around the corner; students are getting ready to relax whether it is at home or on the beach.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Fall Break Edition

Melina Vergilis, Opinion Editor September 21, 2018

Fall break is a break that the Forsyth County School System integrated a couple years ago. It is always welcomed with open arms from students and teachers when there is a break; who would not want to have...

The new six miles of trails travel around Sawnee Mountain and pass by Tower Road and the cell towers at the top of the mountain.  This is the third phase of Sawnee Mountain Preserve, which opened its first phase in 2005.

Sawnee Mountain Preserve Opens New Hiking Trails

Matthew McFadden, Staff Writer March 30, 2016

For those who are drawn to the many outdoor facilities that Forsyth County has to offer, the list of options has grown larger.  On Friday, January 29, the Sawnee Mountain Foundation performed the opening...

Picture used with permission from Savannah Keith. 
When I’m at the top of the hill, he’s at the very edge of the rocky cliff, staring out to the forest. A creek runs through the middle, and I thought it was beautiful. I admire from afar, keeping my distance. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” I say, smiling.

Falling Off

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer May 7, 2015

In the spring, we took a trip to the mountains, except that it was not so much a trip as it was a complete, tumbling, dangerous fall, and it was not so much the mountains as much as it was a moderately...

Last weekend, I climbed a mountain trail with my sister and nephew to get away from the rest of our family. Hiking the Indian Seats is a perfect way of clearing your mind and stepping back to realize what is important.

Quiet Places

Jade Flack, Staff Writer March 6, 2015

Being teenagers, we all know how hectic our lives can get. Parents are often screaming at us for every little thing, demanding perfection and expecting too much. Some of us even have noisy siblings that...

The cliffs and outcroppings surrounding the peak of Sawnee Mountain give a great view of the land below. The carved out portions of rock known called the Indian seats (not pictured here) give a great observation spot. The stony walls also create a fun place for rock climbing.

Discovering Blue Ridge

Bim Peacock, Staff Writer October 11, 2013

Adventure is calling, and that journey is closer than some may think.  A whole wide world of exploring waits in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, and it is time to show the glory of roaming the wilderness. ...

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