Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Fall Break Edition

Fall break is just around the corner; students are getting ready to relax whether it is at home or on the beach.

Fall break is just around the corner; students are getting ready to relax whether it is at home or on the beach.

Melina Vergilis, Opinion Editor

Fall break is a break that the Forsyth County School System integrated a couple years ago. It is always welcomed with open arms from students and teachers when there is a break; who would not want to have a week off from school? The question, however, tends to be “do I stay or do I go?” A majority of people are stuck when it comes to fall break. Here are a few activities to do if you are on a budget or just trying to get out of the house.

If you have the time and money, here are a couple short trip ideas to consider.


  • Rent a cabin in Blue Ridge. Taking a couple days off and making the hour or so drive to Blue Ridge to soak in a hot tub while drinking apple cider doesn’t sound too bad. Typically, a few cabins or houses are available when fall comes around, and there is always something to do whether it is going to the fabulous local barbecue places or hiking the day away.
  • Go to St. Simons Island. St. Simon’s is a longer drive than Blue Ridge; however, it is still in Georgia. There are endless activities and memories to be made on this island. The beach is always enjoyable, the restaurants are incredibly unique and site seeing is beautiful. If you still have some extra time on your hands while you are there, take a 20-minute drive over to Jekyll Island and visit the turtle museum, Driftwood Beach or  the historical buildings that have been there for decades.


If taking a trip is not an option, there are always plenty of staycation activities in North Georgia.


  • Hiking to the Indian Seats. The hike may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do; however, the view is astonishing, and there are always memories to be made with friends and family.
  • Walking around at The Collection. There are a variety of stores and restaurants to choose from, along with an AMC movie theatre. If you love taking pictures and posting to social media, there is a gorgeous pavillion with plants, statues and lights all around.
  • Bowling at Stars and Strikes. Not only are there a large quantity of lanes to choose from, but there is also a menu with food delivered to your area. If bowling is not your thing, there is also an entire facility filled with games, bumper cars and laser tag. Win tickets and get prizes!


Overall, a break is a break, whether you stay home or go away. Memories will be made, pictures will be taken and sleeping in late will be imperative. Soak up the last rays of sun, and enjoy every minute of time spent with friends and family.