Quiet Places


Jade Flack

Last weekend, I climbed a mountain trail with my sister and nephew to get away from the rest of our family. Hiking the Indian Seats is a perfect way of clearing your mind and stepping back to realize what is important.

Jade Flack, Staff Writer

Being teenagers, we all know how hectic our lives can get. Parents are often screaming at us for every little thing, demanding perfection and expecting too much. Some of us even have noisy siblings that create an even louder atmosphere. The sounds around us can become deafening when so many things demand our attention. Whenever the world becomes too much and the volume of our life becomes so unbearable, we escape to our quiet place. Whether it is at the top of a mountain or a spot on the roof, everyone requires one designated spot to clear their mind and release their built up stress.

This place can differ based on what is available. For people like me, sitting on the roof outside my bedroom window helps me relax. When my mom reprimands me about the missing formative grade entered in the grade book, I need time to myself. She would probably kill me if she found out I sat on the roof with my favorite peach blanket and moleskin prayer journal, so I have to sneak around the corner of my stairs and quietly slide the window open. No one knows I go out there, so I am never pestered or yelled at, and the second I sit down and envelop myself in my silky blanket, I can hear that whistle, the slight whistle of the wind that pulls a smile to my face. Quiet.


If traveling was not an issue, there would be so many places I could escape to; one of my favorites is the Indian Seats. Almost like hitting a magical button, walking up the trail clears my mind so quickly. After I feel refreshed, I can finally hear my own slow, steady breaths.

Every once and I awhile, I catch myself thinking of nothing. It sounds unfathomable, but thinking of nothing is quite possible and very refreshing. My brain does not comprehend anything and my legs seem to be moving on their own. Of course, when trying to clear my mind and think of nothing, it seems like all I can do is think. However, when I climb the Indian seats, the repetitive movement of my legs, the passing trees and rocks, and the absolute silence filling the air washes out my brain, leaving it free of worries. The best part though, is the top. The breathtaking view is enough to make anyone relax and take their mind off of stress. The huge rough rocks offer a seat while you unwind.

More common places like the library and park are just as effective when it comes to evading parents and drama. In opposition,  places are for the people that cannot stand absolute silence, which at times, I can relate. In the library, I can hear papers shuffling, book pages flipping, and whispers exchanging every once in awhile. However, there is a slight comforting feeling in a little bit of noise. Like the library, the park has few but quiet sounds all around.

The perfect quiet place for you will depend on your preferences, but everyone has that one place; everyone needs that one place. Relaxing and clearing your mind is so important to a teenager, especially when the pressure of meeting expectations is put upon me. When I become worked up and over stressed, or I just have too much on your mind, it is imperative that I take time to yourself and clear out all the negative in my mind; it will help so much. Whether the place is a bathtub or the mountains, everyone has their own place of quiet.