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Double Summative Midterms Should Not Be a Thing

Double Summative Midterms Should Not Be a Thing

Abby Marks, Features Editor

December 17, 2018

Filed under Editorial/Opinion, School, Showcase

It is hands-down every high school student’s least favorite time of the year: midterm season. Kids everywhere are frantically rummaging through their binders trying to find notes from early August, struggling to remember how to even begin a math problem they nailed two months ago and staying up late...

Just Live

Just Live

Jack Kern, Staff Writer

September 21, 2015

Filed under Literature, Showcase

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling in your stomach when you know you are destined for failure? That feeling that consumes every inch of your being and makes you feel that that is all you are in that moment: a failure. You come home on that evening and collapse into a puddle of negative thoughts...

Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet

Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet

Diana Rodgers, Staff Writer

May 7, 2015

Filed under Editorial/Opinion, Showcase

Whether you are battling depression or just had a long day at school, everyone needs some “TLC” (tender, loving care). The idea that everyone can receive that at home is a nice concept, but, for some, that just is not a reality. After spending hours sifting through the internet I have compiled a...

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