Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet


This screenshot was taken of the homepage The Nicest Place on the Internet, which is one of the websites listed below.

Diana Rodgers, Staff Writer

Whether you are battling depression or just had a long day at school, everyone needs some “TLC” (tender, loving care). The idea that everyone can receive that at home is a nice concept, but, for some, that just is not a reality. After spending hours sifting through the internet I have compiled a list of websites that supply a means for relaxation and much needed support for people. Some of the websites target specific issues, where as some offer a broader spectrum, so I will include in the description what the purpose and intended audience of each website. While some of the websites deal with more specific issues, the intention for all of the websites is to calm down the user and serve as a safe place.

The Quiet Place Project

The Quiet Place Project is a series of websites that have been created by Amitay Tweeto with the intent to provide an escape from everyday reality and to help the users learn about themselves. Tweeto stated on their Twitter as well as Facebook that the creation of the websites are slightly ironic because they are used on the very platform users try to escape from. Some of the websites in the project that I found particularly helpful are:

  • The Quiet Place – The Quiet Place is a designated “cool down time” that one can control and interact with by using the spacebar of a computer. It goes through a serious of text based screens that are strung together. While on the website you are supposed to have anything that shows and plays notifications turned off so the world around you is quiet except from the soothing music that plays on the website. This website is just a momentary break from reality that is meant to refresh you and can be used by anyone.
  • The Thoughts Room – The Thoughts Room functions much like the quiet place where you use the spacebar to communicate with the on screen text, but, on this website, you are able to type. After passing through the screens of text, a box appears in the middle of the screen to let you type out your problems. After typing and hitting the enter key, the words float out of the text box and literally disappear and explode into stars before one’s eyes. This is a good tool for anyone that wants to talk but is scared of judgment.
  • The Dawn Room – The third and final website in The Quiet Place Project that I feel is exceptionally helpful is The Dawn Room. This website, much like the other two, is text based and uses the spacebar to communicate, but it is set apart by the unique methods it employs. Once again, one goes through the text screens, but, this time, rather than the interaction ending a text box appears that tells one to type a piece of advice you would give to a loved one who was in a bad situation. After that, one gets sent to a screen where one can see the other people’s pieces of advice that have been submitted. One can continue to hit the spacebar and see more advice or words of kindness until they feel better and try to click away from the website.

The Nicest Place on the Internet

The Nicest Place on the Internet may be mysterious, but all the same it is a website that is suitable for any problems that one has in life. Little is known about the creator but upon getting to the website the song “I Have Never Loved Someone” by My Brightest Diamond starts playing in the background as a series of Youtube videos plays on a loop. The Youtube videos are of different people around the world hugging their cameras to show that there are people that care about you even if you’ve had a bad day.

These are just a handful of websites that have helped me through different issues, and I wanted to share with everyone in hopes that they would be able to help someone else. I know things can be rather stressful leading up to finals week and graduation, but, as long as you can find something to get you through, it is all that matters.