Family Connection Night: Relieving Stress from School


Family Connect Night happens one Wednesday per month, and is designed to let students connect with their families.

In the new 2019-20 school year  at North Forsyth High School, both student and teachers were introduced to Family Connect Night. Family Connect Night is on the first  Wednesday of every month where students are not assigned any homework and get to relieve stress and spend time with their families instead.

In a survey of North Students, 46.7 percent agreed the Family Connect Night would relieve stress. One student Genna Gunter, freshmen, who agreed said it would relieve stress because “it allows you to focus on your life and family and not be stressed,” and Abigail Aponte, freshman, stated, “it will take off the anxiety of knowing that you don’t have to turn something in the next morning.” The students that disagreed such as Cynda Allen, sophomore, stated,  “ it will take up time kids should be using for homework”. Kai Shabman, freshmen, stated,“the trouble of having to get your family together will cause stress. It is just too much.” as well as, Chasidy Culpepper, freshmen, said, “anybody can miss a day and you would still have work to do.” Dr. Houston, one of the teachers here at North, said it would relieve some stress if students actually took the night off, but according to Houston, “most kids who are academically inclined will not take the night off.”

Out of all the students who were surveyed, most said that they would probably spend the day on social media instead of hanging out with their families. The others said that they would not do their homework, watch TV,  go out with friends.

In a separate survey, students were asked what they were going for Family Connect Night.  As shown in the pie chart below, 43.8 percent say they were going to do homework or study, 18.8 percent said they were going to hang out with their families, 12.5 percent said they were going to hang out in their rooms, another 12.5 percent said they would watch TV and the last 12.5 percent said they were going to just sleep the entire time.

In the end more students thought that Family Connect Night did not relieve stress from school and did think students would use the time to connect with their families.