Senior Year is Easy-Breezy


Photo Caption: Senior Anes Ribic applies to his dream school, Harvard. He has no worries at all about getting in. Photo by Abby Marks.

Senior year: the moment everyone eagerly anticipates from the moment they first walk through the doors of North Forsyth for their freshman year. Special celebrations, senior nights and many lasts lay ahead, ensuring the absolute best year of their lives thus far. The hardest years of high school lay behind: no more impossibly hard classes, IE2 allows for refreshing after-school naps, and the vision of the future lies just beyond reach, creeping closer and closer until May 27. Needless to say, it is the easiest, most stress-free year of high school by far.

Seniors usually spend their stress-free final year of high school in the utter bliss of an SAT testing room, trying their absolute hardest to raise their score for a chance to get into their dream school. Endless nights studying, crying, and frantically trying to remember freshman year math really just adds to the boundless fun. Colleges are way more competitive now than ever before, but that’s what makes it fun! Who doesn’t love a good competition? The challenge of getting a perfect 1600 will be any senior’s favorite memory from high school and will surely follow them for the rest of their lives. 

Another fun perk of senior year is by far the process of college applications. There is truly no greater pastime than struggling to scrounge up anything and everything that makes the prospective student desirable for a college, and the essay writing process has to be the absolute best part. Easy prompts such as “tell us something you haven’t told us” and “what diversity can you bring to campus?” induce an endless flow of creativity, sure to impress the office of admissions. The best feeling, however, is the one that strikes as a senior watches their peers commit to schools and receive their acceptances before they themselves have even finished their first application — definitely not scary at all.

Senior year wouldn’t be senior year without the incredible experience of a deadly case of senioritis. The seniors’ alarm goes off every morning, but they simply snooze for another 30 minutes, allowing for a rushed and frantic morning trying to get to school on time. To top that, they could be so down with senioritis that first period is an absolute no-go — their grades won’t suffer at all. The cherry on top is definitely the fact that seniors suffer from possibly the worst case of procrastination as well. They become so talented at waiting until the last minute to complete assignments, that they are basically pros by the time graduation rolls around. 

This last year of high school is full of many highs for everyone: the last time playing on the field with their teammates,  the last time playing their instrument alongside their best friends, and the last time walking into a school that has been their home for the last four years. It may not always be easy, but the memories of long nights with friends and Friday Night Lights in Raider Valley will last forever.