Taking A Deeper Look Into North Forsyth’s HOSA Club


HOSA members at Clubapalooza; photo courtesy of nfraiders.weebly.com.

Sydney Martin, Staff Writer

HOSA held their first club meeting the morning of August 31, gathering the largest group of students to date. Standing for “Healthcare Occupations for Students of America,” HOSA is a club that helps students “start a road to their dream health career”.

This year, HOSA will overlook the blood drive for NFHS, decorate baby name tags at Northside Hospital, volunteer for Meals By Grace, and more. HOSA members will also be able to go on four field trips: to the CDC Museum, the Bodies Exhibit Museum, an Emory University tour, and the Perry Fair. Students will also be able to earn community service hours by joining HOSA.

Additionally, members will work with real health care officials and get plenty of experience working, which is just what colleges want to see on transcripts. Throughout the year, HOSA will be focused mainly on the State Leadership. Students who have mastered a competition will be able to represent the state of Georgia, and they can also receive a scholarship. Those who win first and second place will receive a medal.

Students interested in HOSA can stay up to date with the club by following their social media accounts- Twitter (@HosaNofo) and Instagram (hosa_nofo).