March Madness Preview: The Stage Is Set


Houston is hosting this years Final Four in NRG Stadium home of the Houston Texans.

It’s officially the best time of the year: MARCH MADNESS. 68 teams will compete for a spot claiming one of the most prestigious championships in college sports. With Selection Sunday now wrapped up, the official seeds for this year’s March Madness Basketball Tournament have been released.


The four regions making up the tournament are the South, Midwest, East, and West. In each region, there is one team chosen as the firstseed. The first seed in each region is given out to one of the top four teams in the nation. In the South region, awarded to the best team in the country was Alabama and The Crimson Tide. Following the Tide, The Houston Cougars sit at the top of the Midwest Region. The Purdue Boilermakers got placed in the East Region, and taking the final first seed in this year’s bracket were the defending champs, Kansas in the West Region.


Now a full look at the South Region: The seeds in order are No.1 Alabama, followed by No.2 Arizona,  No.3 Baylor, No.4 Virginia, No.5 San Diego State, No.6 Creighton, No.7 Missouri, No.8 Maryland, No.9 West Virginia, No.10 Utah State, No.11 North Carolina State, No.12 Charleston, No.13 Furman, No.14 UC Santa Barbara, No.15 Princeton, and finally at No.16 is Texas A&M-CC.


Now a full look at the Midwest Region: The seeds in order are No.1 Houston, followed by No.2 Texas,  No.3 Xavier, No.4 Indiana, No.5 Miami, No.6 Iowa State, No.7 Texas A&M, No.8 Iowa, No.9 Auburn, No.10 Penn State, No.11 Pittsburgh, No.12 Drake, No.13 Kent State, No.14 Kennesaw State, No.15 Colgate, and finishing the region at No.16 is Northern Kentucky.


Now a full look at the East Region: The seeds in order are No.1 Purdue, followed by No.2 Marquette,  No.3 Kansas State, No.4 Tennessee, No.5 Duke, No.6 Kentucky, No.7 Michigan St, No.8 Memphis, No.9 Florida Atlantic University, No.10 University of Southern California, No.11 Providence, No.12 Oral Roberts, No.13 Louisiana, No.14 Montana State, No.15 Vermont, and coming in at No.16 is Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Last but not least, a full look at the East Region: The seeds in order are No.1 Kansas, followed by No.2 University of California, Los Angeles, No.3 Gonzaga, No.4 University of Connecticut, No.5 Saint Mary’s, No.6 Texas Christian University, No.7 Northwestern, No.8 Arkansas, No.9 Illinois, No.10 Boise State, No.11 Arizona State, No.12 Virginia Commonwealth University, No.13 Iona, No.14 Grand Canyon, No.15 University of North Carolina at Asheville, and placed at No.16 in the East  is Howard.


Josh Dixon had this to say about this years March Madness, “Yeah I’m excited, its cool. I hope Purdue wins it all.” 


Alabama and The Crimson Tide are the current favorites to take home the title but crazier things have happened in the Big Dance. Anything can happen in March.