Shroud of Turin Evidence



Image of Jesus Christ from image analyzer test.

Recently there has been more updated information on the Shroud of Turin. This has been researched in the 1970s and 1980s. According to the History Channel in the year 1350, a French Knight by the name of Geoffroi de Charny allegedly presented it to the Dean of the Church in Lirey in France. The real question now is what is the shroud of Turin? The Shroud of Turin was used for the burial of Jesus Christ.


There is much new found evidence of Biblically accurate information that has been scientifically proven. For example, in 1947 shepherds were found in a cave in the Dead Sea area, and they found the dead sea scrolls. Throughout the years 800 fragmentary documents that include fragments of Hebrew writing and 190 biblical scrolls have been found. These include a tenth  of the book: it includes the Old Testament and the full book of Isaiah. 


This new evidence of the shroud of Turin is to enlighten people, according to CBN,  an Italian study pollen has been taken to be tested. The test shows that the pollen comes from plants from the Middle East. Before that, David Rolfe, who made a documentary about the Shroud of Turin in 2008 called “Shroud of Turin Material Evidence” commented on the evidence of blood found on it. He has confirmed that Type AB was found on the Turin which is common with Palestinian Jews .  

There have been news sources that claim the Turin is fake or the evidence found on the Turin is false and coincidental. Researchers from the Institute of Crystallography have tested the blood and signs of torture before death was evident in the blood. In the blood, the chemical properties of Creatine (used to give energy to the muscles) and Ferritin (which is a blood protein that contains iron) were high. Another major find was an image analyzing test on the shroud using a VP8 image analyzer which was able to reveal the 3-D model of a man who is described to be Jesus Christ of Nazareth.   More evidence could most likely be found about the shroud of Turin soon. Those who are interested in finding more information about it can find out more on The shroud of Turin website.