A Moderate Opinion of Trump’s Agenda



Donald Trump at a recent rally.

Ethan Simmons, Photo Editor

With a strong performance in many caucuses, the likelihood of a Trump GOP nomination seems to be increasing. Trump has said several controversial things; in fact, edgy statements are the hallmark of his campaign. Yet few things seem to get people riled up more than his plan for immigration reform. As a high school student that will be eligible to vote for the first time, I have considered this as well as his other policies. Therefore, what is Trump’s plan to reform the immigration system? His main points on his website are to build a wall, enforce the laws, and improve job wages and security for all Americans.

On the surface these all seem like perfectly sound arguments, this is partly because Trump wants to paint himself in the best light, so let us pick apart this plan piece by piece. Firstly, he wants to build a wall, estimates put this at about 6 billion, yes billion with a B, dollars. This as all well and good though, as Trump plans to make Mexico pay for the wall which is a great idea, except Mexico has already said they won’t, that means for Trump to complete a major campaign promise he has to put the bill on the backs of the American taxpayers. Not only that but when the plan was analyzed by engineers they used words like “ridicules” and “unfixable” to describe the wall plan, making it seem like a bad idea to me.

Trump’s second big point is to enforce the existing laws; primarily by destroying sanctuary cities, claiming that whey are breaking the law and putting people in danger. Partly this is true, sanctuary cities are a perfect example of non-enforcement by local police, but here is the catch these cities are often safer than other cities of comparable size. Continuing on down the list of Trump’s ideas he wants to improve wages for Americans, to do this his plan is to deport all illegal immigrants, many of whom are hardworking members of the American society.

In my opinion, the better plan would be to just make these people US citizens. Streamline the proses to legality and make the country stronger (and greater) in the process.


Link:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/yAgoa28kEwA