Twenty One Pilots Newest Album: Will You Follow The Trench?


Local Raiders Andrea Escobar, Cynda Allen (myself), Emily Prior, and Jewel Reynolds are showing their love and support for Twenty One Pilots and their newest album “Trench”.

Cynda Allen, Staff Writer

Every once and awhile, one may come across an album where the artist beautifully crafts lyrics so they can bleed out some sort of emotion. Hearing these melodies packaged together resonates within the soul, gaining a valuable place in the participant’s heart. Music tends to do this in all kinds of forms. Musicians pour their hearts into their work, sometimes even opening up about personal issues.

The duo, Twenty One Pilots, consisting of singer-songwriter Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, are not afraid of shining light on mental health complications. Joseph himself fights against schizophrenia on top of depression and Dun battles with mind consuming anxiety. They use these problems to make something lighter. Twenty One Pilots likes to show that being insecure and not normal is okay, which I personally think is amazing.

The twosomes last album had more of a darker tone than the last three made. Joseph’s persona went by the name “Blurryface” and represented all his insecurities. The audience was taken on a journey through his mind and came out wanting to know more. Three years later, after a year-long hiatus, they started teasing fans with one song after another. Only showing four songs throughout the span of two months.

The pieces they pulled from the upcoming album were Jumpsuit, Nico And The Niners, Levitate and My Blood. When Oct. 5, 2018 finally rolled around, the pair released their fifth studio album, “Trench”. Honestly, I have been so hyped for the turnout of this album and now that it is out to the public, I can officially say that it is fantastic. From Jumpsuits alternative rock twist to Chlorines upbeat pop hymn, Twenty One Pilots has a variety of music for all audiences. This new album demonstrates how Joseph and Dun wanted to experiment with new sounds, but still stick to their roots. I am so glad that they decided to take multiple turns with the total of 14 songs. The best friends thoughtfully laid out each individual ballad without making it all sound randomly put together.

Continuing the journey from the last album, fans watch Blurryface enter a new world, evolve as a human and try to push past his doubts. We also come to learn that he is searching for a man named Nico. My understanding of the album is that Blurryface is moving on and growing. With this, he is spawned into a new realm of Trench and DEMA. I feel he is faced with the realization that there is hope and slowly starts to break the cycle.

Each song from the assortment “Trench” symbolizes different emotions or situations. They also contain a beat that wraps the verses together neatly. Beginning with the song Jumpsuit, followed by Levitate and Morph, these three songs each give off particular vibes of their own. Jumpsuit starts off with a bang by adding bass-heavy chords, then slowing it down into the background. “Pressures of a new place roll my way”, a line from Jumpsuit feeds onto the fact of how I perceived “Trench.” Blurryface arrives at this new world, feeling constrained and pressured. Alongside Jumpsuit, is Levitate. Levitate displays Joseph’s rapping skills while referencing to an older song, Car Radio, which I think is iconic. Morph is so far one of the many fan favorites on “Trench.” With this song, I feel that Blurryface is shaping himself into some other person or personality and hoping nobody notices. To me, I think this could tie in with Joseph’s personality disorder.

Skipping forward past My Blood, Chlorine and Smithereens, Neon Gravestones is one of the heaviest songs on this album. With soft piano notes, It attacks the fact of how society glorifies suicide. This is not the first time Joseph has sang about this topic, though. On their album “Vessel” from 2013, he sings Truce which has touched the lives of all fans, including myself.

After Neon Gravestones, The Hype, Nico And The Niners, Cut My Lip and Bandito are next. Bandito is the fourth to last song on “Trench.” My view of this song is since the album is coming to a closure, I think Joseph is explaining that Blurryface is heading to the end of his adventure with Trench. He is a scavenger — a bandito traveling to where the road in DEMA ends.

Concluding the album are the last three pieces, Pet Cheetah, Legend and Leave The City. Blurryface finds himself at the conclusion of it all. He as well as Joseph comes to the terms that battling mental health takes time and that the path to addressing it is not always straightforward. With this newfound knowledge, he promises to stay alive through all of life’s upcoming challenges.

This album impacted me tremendously and I can not listen to it enough. Twenty One Pilots truly did do an outstanding job in creating another piece of musical art. My personal favorites off the album are Chlorine and Neon Gravestones and I am hoping to venture out to see them again for their 2018-2019 “Bandito Tour.” If it is anything like “The Emotional Roadshow Tour” back in 2016, I cannot wait!