Is Having an After School Job Worth it?


Lily Jackson (an alumni who graduated in 2018), Justin Cole and Zachary Barnett (sophomores), and Kierra Jacobsen (junior), work at Pizzeria Azzurri.

Summer 2020 was a bit on the boring side. Students had to stay inside and were not able to go to the pool, go on vacations, and other normal summer activities. The thought of having a job crossed my mind; however, I then began to worry about other aspects of my life. Would I be able to keep up with my school work? How do so many other students balance work and school? All of these questions led me to wonder what drives other students to choose between having a job or not.

A downside to having an after school job is that you will not have as much time to study and complete homework which is a factor to consider when choosing what type of job you wish to apply for. Some jobs take up more time than others; therefore, you may need to find a job that leaves time open to complete schoolwork. If you can easily complete your schoolwork every day, considering your workload may not be a problem compared to a student who struggles academically. 

Many teenagers do not know how to take care of themselves quite yet. Responsibilities and multitasking are something some students, including myself, struggle with. Having a job may just be another thing to throw into your busy schedule; however, a job can teach you valuable skills like confidence, responsibility and money management. Certain jobs may challenge teens to build their confidence up by doing tasks like helping customers and speaking with your coworkers.

For most students who currently hold an afterschool job, making money is the main reason why they have a job. Olivia Reagan, a sophomore, works at Chick-fil-A. She said, “I was bored over quarantine and thought it might be a good way to make money.” Zander Sparkman, a senior, works at Plato’s Closet. He said that he decided to work there because he had no money and wanted something to do rather than sitting around all day. Haley Arentsen, a sophomore, works at Wilkes Meat Market. She said she decided to get a job “to pay for gas, and just a way to get out of the house.”

Whether or not you have a job is most likely based on your life prior to having a job. After school jobs take up a lot of time, so having one is giving up the majority of your free time. On the other hand, if you find yourself spending a lot of time at home, an after school job may be a great way for you to get out of the house and meet new people.