Fall People are Actually Insane


It’s time to crown summer as the ultimate season. Photos from Pinterest. Collage by Jen Vincent.

Let’s be honest here. No one likes sitting out in the cold with layers upon layers of jackets on. No one likes waking up to see no sunlight, dead trees and cloudy skies. And let’s be really honest, we all see those “cute” Instagram fall posts with the pumpkin spice lattes that nobody asked for. No one, absolutely no one, spends the entire fall season watching spooky movies and decorating their house in orange. Sure, you’ll do it for a day or two, maybe even for a week if you’re feeling spunky, but, in truth, no one really hypes up the fall season quite like social media.

I see it all over Pinterest, and I know you do too. Cute fuzzy socks, warm blankets and hot drinks. That news is false, fall is anything but warm and fuzzy. It’s cold and dead. Everything is either dead or dying. Why in the world would anybody praise the fall season? In the summer, everything is alive and green. How can you sit there in October with your feet frostbitten and smile and say, “Oh my gosh I just love fall so much!” That’s right you can’t.

Let me paint the perfect picture for you. It’s summer; you’re with your friends in your car going on a road trip. The windows are rolled down, there’s warm weather and the sun is beaming down on your face. There’s no schoolwork or stress. Now, tell me how in the world can you love fall? If you’re a fall advocate and having trouble picturing, I’ll paint another picture for you. It’s fall; the leaves have fallen off the skeleton-like trees. It’s cold and there is no sun to be found. Oh, but at least you have your pumpkin spice latte! Until you drink it all. Oh, but at least you have your fuzzy socks and spooky movies! Except your friends are busy with school, so you have no one to watch movies with.

Now I’m not trying to say fall people are insane. They simply have just been misguided by the false reality social media has created. It’s time to stop overhyping fall and crown summer as the ultimate season, which it already is.