Football Themes Need a Revamp

Senior Ella Gilbert running a flag during kickoff at the Pink Out game. Photo by: Sarah  Treusch

Senior Ella Gilbert running a flag during kickoff at the Pink Out game. Photo by: Sarah Treusch

One thing that unites the student body: football. Every Friday, a swarm of students flood into the Raider Valley student section decked out in their spirit gear to support our Raiders. Sophomore Dee Whitman recalls the homecoming week decade day, which she says was “[her] favorite” and appreciated how “[the spirit days] had variety.” However, many students disprove the themes that have been chosen in recent years.


Although some themes may seem repetitive, many hold meanings behind them. Gold Out, for example, is held on Youth Night each year to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Another colored theme is Pink Out, which is chosen for the homecoming game theme to show support for breast cancer awareness


Along with significance, Raider Nation has adopted several traditional themes throughout the years. The Hawaiian theme is one of the first few games, as an aloha to football season and a goodbye to the summer. Also started last year by sideline cheer coach Heidi Archer, pajama night is held on the last regular season game of the year.


Some themes, however, have become repetitive and hold no special significance. White out, for example, was a replacement for the prior hippie theme. An otherwise creative theme was swapped out for a color without specific meaning. Junior Avery Hoadlund says, “I would’ve appreciated some funnier themes.” and suggested themes such as Adam Sandler or Minions. 


Many schools on social media have partaken in themes like country versus country club or elderly night. Students at North Forsyth are looking forward to more enjoyable themes come next year. Senior Sophie Gavin claimed that “[she thinks] they could have been more creative.” but also acknowledges that “they were still fun themes.” The senior class this year is unfortunately faced with some less than exciting themes, but hopefully, the rising classes will have the chance to participate in new themes.


Whether a student disproves or approves the football game themes, a large portion of the student body is seen dressed out at school and in the stands. Support is still shown for the Raiders regardless of opinions on the theme. The contrasting opinions on the themes do not keep Raider Valley from uniting and cheering on the football players each Friday.