Spotify v. Apple Music: The Battle of the Century


Caption: Spotify and Apple Music head to head in a bloody battle. Photo made by Gracie Zimmerman

When it comes to music listening, many services are offered for each audience. The main two competitors, Spotify and Apple Music, are constantly debated. They offer services at a comparable price point, but both offer a quality the other cannot match. The biggest factor when subscribing to any service, however, is the cost.


Spotify’s individual plan is priced at $9.99/month, with an ad-supported plan at $0.99/month for those who desire on-demand playback. The student plan costs $4.99/month and also includes access to popular streaming services Hulu and Showtime. If you’re considering subscribing for people outside the individual, Spotify offers both couple and family plans. The family plan is priced at $15.99/month and can support up to six members. Their couples plan, which is for two people who reside at the same address, is $12.99/month. 


Apple Music’s main plan for individuals is priced at a whopping $10.99/month. As with most services, they offer a student plan at $5.99/month, which includes their streaming service, Apple TV+, for a limited time. They also have a specialty plan called “Voice,” which is solely powered through Siri and is offered at $4.99/month. If customers are looking to subscribe for a group, Apple offers a family plan for $16.99/month.


When making a decision, it is important to consider customer reviews. Senior Alyssa Hazen has been using Apple Music for about a year, after making the switch from Spotify in 2022. She believes she “grew out of [Spotify]” and has since been using Apple’s platform. A feature that matters most to her is “[listening] to [her] playlist when [she doesn’t] have wifi,” as it is included in the service and doesn’t require data. However, on the contrary, junior Kinley Waltman uses Spotify because “[her] friends and [her] sister use it,” and simply based her decision on what was popular amongst her crowd. One benefit Waltman has noticed is that “Spotify has more music…than other platforms.” With both users having a strong opinion over their choice, Spotify and Apple Music have their work cut out for them in convincing potential customers to choose their service over the other.


Not only is Spotify’s pricing better, but as students you have two streaming services included in your subscription permanently. Apple TV+ is advertised as included for “a limited time,” meaning it isn’t necessarily included and is rather a free trial. As a Spotify user, I recognize the Apple Music interface, as their layout is more aesthetically pleasing. However, Spotify offers more bang for your buck. With multiple options at different price points, Spotify allows for any individual to access their premium amenities at a price they can meet.