Meet Haiyan, the Greatest Storm in Philippine History


Screenshot from YouTube Channel RT's Video "Haiyan Horror: Super Typhoon Kills 1,200+ as it ravages the Philippines"

Filipino people are embracing their loved ones and finding shelter from the havoc that has taken place. With a death count in the 10,000s, survivors are praying that their loved ones are alive and hoping for recovery.

Typhoon Haiyan, churning around 200 mph, slammed into the Philippines on Friday, November 18th. Haiyan has sent massive destruction ringing throughout the country. Being one of the largest storms the world has ever seen, the complete damage is still unknown.

Three days into the horrendous storm, bodies have been found lying almost anywhere such as lining the streets, laying on bridges, and floating in the water. Buildings have fallen and been crushed, and flooding has occurred in some areas of the country. Some organizations have come in to try to help stranded and desperate survivors survive. Officials fear that there could be a death count of around 10,000 just in Tacloban alone.

The Philippines is now calling in international assistance. Their government’s priority is to now restore communication systems and power in places where it has been demolished and to bring health and medical assistance to the Haiyan victims. Each town and city has varied damage and casualties, with much more to be assessed. The Red Cross is now coming in to help bring supplies, food, and service to the country.

A mass burial has been planned to take place this coming Sunday, November 18th in Palo, one of the six islands hit by Haiyan. Countries all around the world are coming together to support and give comfort to the Philippines who have just faced a horrifying human tragedy. Our prayers are needed to lift up the victims of Haiyan and the people of the Philippines who have been massively affected by the natural disaster. To help support relieve efforts go to Our support can change lives.