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Perri Rabbitt
Perri Valentine Rabbitt often eats Trix because she is a kid. She lives her life centered around Jesus Christ and strives to be more like Him each and every moment. This giggly mess has a deep love and passion for people and hopes to make a beautiful new friend every day. Each day is an opportunity to grow and experience new things as well as become who you want to be. Perri is a super optimist, holding nothing back, living with divine purpose and overflowing joy and love. Perri is constantly singing and dancing as she fills her ears with sweet music. There are a billion things going on in her mind at once, and she enjoys numerous activities that are too plentiful to name. She makes a ton of mistakes, spills things constantly, and is determined to always be encouraging, courageous, and bold.

Perri Rabbitt, Video Production and Event Coordinator

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Perri Rabbitt