Unaddressed and Received: My Letter to You


Embracing the release of thoughts and emotions through writing, letters provide the opportunity for people to voice their love and pursuit in their personal relationships and spiritual journeys.

I love to look up at the sky because it reminds me of how big You are. Your peace flows into me, and I am reminded of my purpose, perspective, and priorities. I know to imagine the unimaginable, yet I constantly remain surprised and astounded at what You do. I continue to underestimate You with intentions to simply think of the best, yet I can never estimate Your best; it is greater than I can even comprehend. How I love Your miraculous surprises and wonders. You are always ahead of me, so much further than I can see. I worry about life and the events taking place, yet You are already holding me in your arms, breathing Your glory on the situation so that it may be perfected for You as we fall face down, amazed. I think about the future, and anxiety arises about how my heart, mind, soul, and body will survive through it all. But, I will survive because you are alive in me. Not only will I make it through, but You will make glory be brought to You. I worry about failing with knowledge that even though I will fail and the world will fail, You never will. I search for love in places that will never satisfy the place in my heart that is created to overflow with Your irreplaceable love. When I seek You, You are always there. When I turn away, You do not give up on me. Your promises are true, and in You, hope is found. You are personal, and You desire a growing relationship with me; although, I am so unworthy. Your love is overwhelming and deeper than I could ever dig. I love living everyday because each second I am blessed to endure and each breath I am granted to take in is a new opportunity to see Your hands. There is nothing that compares to You. Not only do you work and create, but You fix the broken and mend the torn. Because I cannot, You are my rescuer. Because I am weak, You are my strength. Because I will never be enough, You are more than enough. Therefore, my life, that is not worth living for myself, must be lived for You. Then alone is there any purpose or reason. Even though I deserve nothing, You have given me everything, an eternity with You. Only through You is life, only from You is true love, and only next to You is where we belong. So although there is no way for me to give You the love You deserve or repay You for the debt I owe for The Greatest Sacrifice Ever Given, or to thank You enough for all that you have done, are doing, and continue to do, or to fully understand how big and great and mighty You are, I will do what I can do. I give my all to You.