Senioritis: The Battle Rages On


Photo taken by Andrea Martin

Lisa Moore working on her UGA application during class.

It’s second semester and for the underclassmen that doesn’t mean much, but for North Forsyth’s senior class,  second semester means that the long awaited end of our high school career is oh so close. While the excitement of graduating and moving on to the next chapter of our lives should offer some motivation to finish out the school year strong – it doesn’t.  In all honesty, the 139 days that stand in the way of our freedom does nothing but awaken the bug that will inevitably infect us all, Senioritis. Symptoms include: complete disregard for appearance, anxiety about college applications, the loss of the ability to “even” usually brought on by the assignment of homework, extreme lethargy, and in severe cases a physical inability to enter the high school. Seniors, if these symptoms being to pop up don’t worry. Senioritis is a completely normal and curable disease; however, the negative effects of this illness will not completely disappear until graduation.

But until we walk across that stage and receive our long awaited diploma, there are a few treatments that have been found successful in keeping seniors sane.  One effective method is the “THIS MATTERS!” approach which involves pulling up the website of a dream college, sitting and dreaming about all the fun that to be had there, and then being reminded that the performance in this last semester of high school really can affect whether or our not that dream will ever come true.  Another treatment is to take on the “grades suck, life sucks” mindset, a reminder that bad grades will earn unceasing harassment from parents, the loss of IE2 (the only thing currently keeping seniors somewhat sane), and parking passes.

While senioritis is tough to combat, it is possible, and it will make May 28th that much more rewarding. The end is in sight, so don’t give up yet.